Tuesday, September 29, 2009

coffee past 10.

Drinking two cups of coffee after 10p.m. is never a smart plan. And although I am fully awake and should be studying, I am blogging. Anything these days is better than studying. I don't like school yet I want to learn so I can get a degree and move on into the real world. For the longest time, I thought graduating was going to be horrible, but now I CANNOT WAIT. It just looks like fun, and I am just excited to see what all is out there.

Today, I wasted most of the day with a nap. I really wasn't tired but I laid down until I fell asleep. Pathetic, I know. I should have been using that time to study, so I wouldn't have to cram it all in tomorrow before my quiz. I am such a procrastinator. After my nap, I cooked, showered, and watched The Hills. Then I went to fuel and had coffee with the girlfriends. I received news today that apple is sending me a new iPhone since they lost mine, hopefully this one will actually make it into my possession.

Things that make me happy today:
1. Its getting cold outside (which i would usually hate)
2. Kristen is back. She was always my favorite.
3. My roomie comes home tomorrow.
4. Its almost October.
5. the miley and mandy show.
6. Katie, Chelsea, and Hooper.

Monday, September 28, 2009


For my twentieth birtday, August 1, 2009, I celebrated by buying myself the 3gs iPhone. After enjoying it for two weeks, the external speaker on the phone decided to stop working. Therefore, I sent my phone back to apple in order to get it fixed. This was the procedure I was told to follow by apple and AT&T. I sent my phone in at the end of August, and it is now the end of September and I have failed to get it back. After contacting Apple a total of eight times, because they failed to contact me, they have come to the conclusion that my iPhone is lost. Yes, LOST. I cannot comprehend how a company so huge can fail to fix my phone and return it, without losing it. As of now, I am stuck with a pink razor and a loss of 200 dollars, not what i signed up for. Thank you Apple.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

school. work. play.

i keep asking myself why in the world do i got to school, because i hate it. Its not so much the classes, just all the busy work you have to do. I know that it will be worth it whenever I graduate, so that keeps me going. I can't wait until i graduate and get a real job. Its going to be amazing, I am sure of it!

i now work at Colton's steakhouse as a waitress. i am uber stoaked that i got a job, it was definitely needed. I was so nervous about being a waitress, but it hasn't been too bad. I just hate carrying the huge trays with lots of food, because i know one day it is just going to hit the ground. My little arm muscles are too weak for all that.

This weekend I just hung out with russellville. Jesse came up on Friday night. Ashlyn cooked an amazing meal, we had good wine, and then attempted to watch the City of God. I found out that my attention span, wine, and subtitles do not mix well. So i will have to finish the movie sometime this week, i have heard that it is just amazing. Saturday Ashlyn and I hung out at the neighbors. It was chill. Today i pretty much laid around until work, then i came home and did homework. =)

now. i am running errands with Ash then going to watch the VMAs.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


School has started once again, which brings me back to the not so wonderful town of Russellville. To think i actually missed this place. It rains entirely too much, there is not a FedEx office and the iPhone does not get 3g, but I have learned to enjoy it, because the people who accompany me in this town are the only thing worth being here for. I recently moved into my new apartment with my roommate, Ashlyn. It is wonderful. There are some things that I miss about dorm life, but this still wins. Off Campus parking is horrible and I tend to find a lot of spiders in the apartment. (I am terrified of spiders) Besides this, everything has been splendid. I have learned to cook. I don't think it was that I did not know how to cook, it was just that I never did it, but now that I have to, it is not so bad. Much better than the Arkansas Tech Cafe.

I have made big plans for myself that will take up the next year of my life. In November I am going to San Diego for a PRSSA conference. I am stoaked. I have never been to California, or the west coast, and I have a feeling that it is going to be pretty awesome. Then in June I am moving to Paris for a month. The most genius idea ever. I am doing a study abroad program, but the only downside is the fact that I have to save up a ridiculous amount of money. Something that is kind of hard to do without a job, but this should change soon. I know that it will be totally worth it, if they can even get me to come back. Then I will be flying to the wonderful Las Vegas to ring in my 21st. I know this is forever away, but I am super excited non the less.

Also my goal is to keep up with my blog, i have been slacking.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


1. i have been on the autobahn.

2. it freaks me out to share a fork or spoon with someone.

3. i know pretty much every George Strait song.

4. i have a fascination with the life of the Kennedys.

5. i have owned 11 cell phones (bad luck with electronics.)

6. i dont like to talk on the phone much.

7. i’ve never been on the west coast.

8. i hate snow skiing. it was a bad experience.

9. my car has a little of 153,000 miles on it.

10. i really enjoy awkward moments.

11. i am a horrible speller.

12. i wear red alot.

13. i picked purple to be a favorite color, bc in elementry school everyone else like blue and pink.

14. i had two back surgeries.

15. my mom ghetto-riged my a rolly backpack in 7th grade (this was probably the most embarrising day of my life.)

16. i hate going the doctor…it is usually my last resort.

17. i got fined for downloading music off limewire.

18. i read people.com about everyday.

19. will farrell gets on my nerves.

20. i really want to watch alice in wonderland right now.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

de zomer

yes it is summer. i have to say that i was sad to leave russellville. I was content with the way things were. I was having a blast and I hated to see it end. Next year will be different and i hope that it will be a better different. Things change so much over a year I can only imagine what it will be like in may 2010. I am excited for it.

so far this summer i have....

-gotten a lot of sleep
-went to riverfest
-enjoyed some shows at the Rev Room and The Village
-and hung out with my 501 friends (the ones that came back home that is)
-made many trips to hastings to use the free wifi.

I start work in a week or so. I am a daycamp instructor at Huff -n- Puff once again. Huff -n- Puff is a dance and gymnastics studio for those who are a slight bit confused. I pretty much grew up there so its fun to go back during the summer. Everyday I will get the privlage to hang out with about 20 or so six to eight year olds. As much as i talk about kids being horrible, i secretly enjoy it. I have a ton of fun. I get to go to the park everyday, see the ice cream truck on wednesdays, and go to the pool on fridays. I am pretty much just a big kid for the summer, how cool is that. So i admit, i do like kids... i am just dont plan on having one of my own for quite some while.

enough about that.....I am going to learn to play tennis. This is one of my goals for the summer. I want to know how to play something that i can do when i am older and that doesnt require a whole team. Just two people, and tennis is my choice. Now the question is....how do you play, who to play with, where do i play....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


i believe i have fallen into a time warp and landed in Forks, Washington. It has rained her for the past four or five days. This has made me come to the conclusion that I would hate Forks, no matter how many Edward Cullen's walked around town, I just can't take the rain. It makes me tired, and un-motivated. This is not a great combination for finals week.

As i am writing this, I am suppose to be studying for my Spanish exam, which is tomorrow. I am horrible at Spanish. I honestly don't believe there is someone that is worse than me in the subject. After four Spanish classes, I have yet to learn a single thing. It is quite pathetic...i know. It is my first final, and I am glad/stressed about it. I am just ready to get it over with so i never have to look in my Spanish book again, but i also don't want to study. I have been in the library for about 3 hours studying...so this better pay off. Red bull and I are going to become very good friends tonight! =)

Along with having finals this week, I also have my first Twister's game on Saturday. I am super pumped about it. I have two practices this week which sucks because of finals and I have to drive to Little Rock, but maybe it will help me de-stress. Yeah, so if you are in the LR area, totally come to the game on SATURDAY!!! woo woo.

On to something more important, some people just aggravate the crap out of me. And i do not understand what goes through their heads, but whatever. I guess its not place to be concerned, but I am. whatever.

Friday, April 17, 2009

what up.

Its Friday. Woo. This has been a busy week, kinda. I have a photography assignment due on Monday so I have been busy trying to get in and out of the dark room. I would have finished it today....but i ran out of paper. Just my luck.

Last night, I went to doughnuts for the first time. Our doughnut shop opens at 3 a.m. for some odd reason, and its the cool thing to go get doughnuts right when the open. So i went, and I ate one doughnut and then my stomach started to hurt. I knew that was going to happen, i cannot have sweets that early/late. But now i can say i have actually been. I have had the idea of going to doughnuts all semester, but i usually end up going to bed because it sounds much more appealing.

I started watching a new show called Harper's Island. Its about this murderer who came to the island and killed tons of people. Well they thought he was dead, maybe he is, but somebody is killing people again. Its creepy...but i dont know how long it will last. I mean you can only kill so many people.

Tuesday after fuel everyone went to Waffle House, which made me very happy. I love waffle house...its the bomb. Then all like 8 of us piled into Bekah's tiny car and went to the park to play. It was fun and awkward, which is always the case with our friends...but i like it. =)

Tomorrow morning i have driving school. Its gonna possibly be the more boring day of my life. I have to stay there from 9 am until 4 pm. Really?? That is just ridiculous. I know how to drive, I just like to drive a little faster than you are suppose to.

I am SUPER pumped about Sunday. I am trying out for the Arkansas Sirens, which is the dance team for the Arkansas Twisters arena football team. Not that i really enjoy the football that much, i just want to dance. Every time I got back home and watch the competitions, I am just dying to get on the stage. Its probably the thing i miss most about being at home and high school. So yeah, this would be kind of like that. I would get to dance and perform...and that makes me happy. Oh yeah, and i get paid to do it. what up!

Chelsea, Zach, and I have been watching a lot of How I Met Your Mother. Absolutely love it. It cracks my stuff up. So if your not a fan...you should definitely consider becoming one. =)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coffee Fridays.

On Fridays, Kate Gentry Chelsea and I have this little ritual that we partake in called Coffee Friday. Its no surprise that we spend the start of the weekend at starbucks. This is one of my favorite times of the weeks because we get to sit around and talk for hours, with no rush. Its really nice. Usually our conversations go in the direction of what our future will be like. Careers, Friends, Houses, Weddings, Kids, Families, all those sorts. Not that any of us are close to that, especially me. I am the one who is like "really, this topic is brought up again." I guess I am not normal since I can totally wait like 20 more years before I have a family and become a soccer mom. Okay, maybe not 20 but you catch my drift. I do admit it is fun to talk about. I just want a town house in the City over a screaming toddler at the moment. And a golden lab, but i have to wait for that too. I have a long life ahead of me and I am trying not to rush it yet enjoy it.

Today, I slept in which was amazing. Then i headed to Conway and spent the day with my Memaw, Aunts and Mother. We had Easter dinner, I guess you could say. We all went shopping, to Target and Lowes, which was much more fun than it sounds. My mom and her sisters are hilarious, we laughed non-stop especially when my mom requested the starbucks lady to blend a banana into her frappe. On top of that weird combination she made me order it. So we laughed until they almost peed their britches. We also moved furniture around in my aunts house and just spent time together. It was fun because we dont get to do that often.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the past two days.

The past two days have been busy and fun. Explosive combination...i know. The busy part of course is school. Here is a list of all the things I had to accomplish on Tuesday.
1. write a speech for PRSSA
2. Physical Science homework
3. Lab Quiz
4. Spanish take home test and workbook
5. Study for in class Spanish exam
6. Homework for my Spanish test

Luckily, I finished all these things and still had a little playtime. I like to blog about my playtime because it is always completely random. Tuesday we had dinner at BK Lounge (aka Burger King) and then we came back to campus and played a fun little game. This game was to see who could get Josh's glove stuck in the tree. Yes, we actually played this game for about 45 minutes, and even had the kids from the other side of the tracks play with. The glove got stuck and then the game turned into who could get it unstuck. As boring as it sounds, it was very entertaining.
The cool kids on the play ground.

Onto more news, today was Wednesday. (for those who didnt know) Wednesdays are my busiest days of the week. I have class from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. with only one break, that does not last long enough. I had two test today which I think went better than I had predicted that they would. That was a great relief. Then I had to give a speech. Speaking in front of people makes me want to throw up. I hate it, and most people would not guess that because I am usually the loud one who tends to make a complete idiot of herself, but i still hate it. I was running for this position on the PRSSA board, and that is why i had to give this horrid speech. So I wrote this speech, then I got up to speak and totally did not even look at my paper. Just winged it. I have realized that I would much rather just wing something instead of stress about it. Needless to say, I got the position. Possibly because I was the only one running. I am pretty sure if there was someone else running against me I would have been royally screwed, because my improv speech sucked. O well. I am super excited about this position because 1. it is pretty much what I kinda want to do when I graduate and 2. I think we get to go to San Diego in the fall. HOW TIGHT IS THAT.

SOFTBALL, woot woot. Us Rookies had a game today. I was late but I still made it in time to get a little pt. We lost....surprise surprise. We are probably the worst team ever and no one even cares that we completely humiliate ourselves. We just have fun, which is what intramural softball is all about in my book. I mean I do really wish that we could actually be good, but I hate to be serious so I enjoy losing and making fun of us. Like when I throw runners out that dont exist. Yeah, that happened. The Bandit game went almost like the Rookies game, except they make losing look good, in a round about way. Shout out to my bandits. I have to say...one of my favorite things about spring is hanging out at the ballpark. It makes me happy!

Reppin' the Bandits.

A lot happened today....like i experienced a super embarrassing moment. I would prolly not blog about this, but i know that my really close friends are the only ones who read my blog so what the crap. The story goes as follows. Danielle was in the shower. I had to go to the bathroom. I made a huge ordeal about how bad i needed to go. Danielle gets out, and I enter the bathroom. I am just chillin and take my sweet time. So yeah I walk out of the bathroom and there is a group of like 5 (who are not my closest of friends) just chillin outside our bathroom. really?? FML. If this doesnt sound embarrassing...wait till it happens to you.

Last but not least....I have a shout out. Its to my roomie Chelsea "c squared" Cady. For those of you who dont know her, she is the best roommate ever. And i am really sad that we wont be rooming together next year, because I am living off campus. But anywho, I love Chelsea. You are one of my best friends, and you actually will tell me what you think and not what i want to hear. and you make me smile and i think you are super cool, even when Jennifer compared you to the boring "girlfriend at the time". I will be around as much as I am next year so dont you worry little one, I Refuse to go MIA. I love you, and just want you to know. PS. If anybody reading this doesnt know Chelsea, check out her blog and you will get a preview of the wonderful, NEAT person she is. NEAT is a good thing in our book.

Chels and I watching the cool glove game.

O yeah. I hate when you eat peanut butter crackers because crumbs get EVERYWHERE. And i also dont like when you eat a whole package of sunflower seeds and your mouth goes numb. not cool.

Monday, April 6, 2009


It was cold as balls at our softball game tonight. Yes "cold as balls" qualifies for an official temperature....its when you cant feel your limbs. Not cool. Chelsea hates when anything is referred to "as balls" so i try to refrain. So it was cold, and we got run ruled! I thought it would be a sweet play to throw the imaginary runner out at third. ha. I blame it on the hottie i was checkin out in the stands, or thats what i am saying. We stayed for the Bandits game, the won. They played the drunk golfers and it was ENTERTAINING and cold.

Chelsea, Zach, and I decided to play this lets jump on the bad from halfway across the room game. Its hard, and we look retarted. I plan to post of video of Chels' try....its funny. Although it is a really dump thing to play, its fun. Oh what we give for cheap thrills.

i have to write a speech and give it in order to get the PRSSA position. F my life.
Everyone is sick, Arkansas weather sucks!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

la de da.

I really don't have much to talk about at the moment but i am blogging none the less. This weekend I was in another pageant, Miss North Pulaski County. I got first runner up, and also got the peoples choice award and Interview winner. I was super pumped about the interview thing because in the last pageant my interview sucked royally. I was proud of myself for improving that! Maybe one of these days I will win and make it to Miss Arkansas.

After the pageant the mom and I went to waffle house. Then I met up with my sister and we hung out for awhile. That was fun until I had to take her to the E.R. Out of nowhere she starts crying, throwing up, and saying she cant breath. I was just like great, what do i do! My dad told me to take her to the e.r. so that's what i did. I felt bad because i was laughing at her. Not because I thought it was funny, but like I said in my last blog I laugh at inappropriate times. ha I left the E.R. around 2 a.m. and went home to sleep. The rents and Syd didn't get home till like 4...CRAZY!

This afternoon we had a softball game. We lost.. =( It was SOOOOO COLD, and Windy. And the dust/sand was blowing everywhere. It was rather miserable, and we have to play in that crap again tomorrow! Hopefully we will win though!!

Watched the ACM Awards tonight. They were good, but I think George should have won some more awards but that's just because he is my all time fav. My respect level for Matthew McConaughey because he totally got some chicks back in the day by telling them he designed George Straits boots. Genius, if i don't say. =)


Friday, April 3, 2009

entertainment for the night.

Hungry Hungry Hippos was a major success. I never thought abunch of college kids would find joy in a game meant for 4 year olds, but it was actually A LOT of fun! There will definitely be more game nights. I was sad because Chelsea took home apples to apples, which is a super fun game. At least I think so. After about an hour of hippo fun we decided to rent a movie. So after spending like 30 minutes contemplating in Hastings...we finally found Marley and Me. It was prolly the best movie I have seen in a long time. It was sooooo sad, I cried. Actually I am pretty sure we ALL cried, a lot. Then Chelsea got laughed at because she was bawling, then i laughed about the Brandons dog Kisha dying. Which is not funny at all, I just laugh at inappropriate times. Then we all told our dog stories and went to bed. ha Oh what an exciting night.

In my last blog I forgot to mention the first Bandits game of the season. They played their rival team, the Highlanders....bryce. ha Needless to say it was the greatest success but it was fun. Chelsea, Katie, Gentry, and I put together some flags and walk out songs for the boys. It was pretty entertaining if I dont say so myself.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

snap back to reality.

Spring break was sooo amazing. It rained the last two days we were there which was kind of crappy, but we spent as much time on the beach as possible. The weather was peeerrfect. Not too hot, but not too cold. I wish I would have got more sun but I guess that is just a reason to go back. Although it was spring break, it wasnt as crazy as i expected to be. I mean i went with a pretty crazy group, but we all know to keep our heads on straight so it made for a new group. Jackie, Ashley, and I went out by ourselves one night, which was a BLAST. We made up fake names and life stories to tell everyone we meet. Even thought we have way southern accents somehow they believed we were from Rhode Island. I know right, who is from Rhode Island. It was fun to pretend, working on my acting skills. We also got our ears pierced. Yay!! When i went down there i was thinking i am not going to spend that much money..yeah right. It coast way too much to go out to eat and to the clubs. Since we werent 21 we had to pay 20 dollars every time we went out witch is bogus. And then so restaurants are just ridiculous, except for Dirty Dicks. We got all you can eat shrimp and crap legs and it was well worth the 40 bucks! And i ate every single bit i could eat! =) Needless to say I cant wait till next Spring Break!!

Now that I am back to reality...school still is crazy. I am so stressed out and busy. I have to keep all my grades up which is a pain to do when you dont like to study! My only goal is to keep my scholarship...therefore my school will still be paid for and my parents will be happy. So i am keeping my fingers crossed that it happens.

I am in another pageant this weekend. Also my last one for the year. It would be cool to win because then I could go to Miss Arkansas which would be an amazing experience. I am just ready to get this one over with. The interviews make me super nervous, because they ask the craziest questions sometimes. And I just hope my dance looks good because i havent done it since the last pageant. so I am NERVOUS....wish me luck.

BLAH. i need a job soooo bad. I am poor, no joke. After the pageant and school, that is my next goal to get a job. I hate having to depend on my parents for money because I know they dont have money to give me all the time, so it just sucks. I just got to find someone to hire me. ha

I am about to play Hungry Hungry Hippo...and I am pumped. B and I got this great inspiration from gossip girl. Its going to be EPIC.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Beautiful Spring Break Girls!!!

Sadness that Clemson Lost =(

Spring break has finally arrived, and i am UBER PUMPED. I am leaving for Panama City Beach in less that 24 hours, and i can barely stand the excitement. The only bad new is I have to go to one more class before i can officially be on spring break. All that is getting me thru, is that I will spend the next baking next the ocean...definitely nothing better. =)

I have been behind on my blogging because school has come to rule my life. what a sucky life, i know. Court on Tuesday was probably one of my funniest life moments. After searching for the court which ironically moved to Shamrock Dr ( it was St. Patrick's Day), Katie and I came in contact with some crazies! ha. A rather large ghetto women was the best of the experience, words could not suffice in order to explain the stories in court, but it was hilarious. With my great luck, I got out of my ticket with only driving school. Which is WONDERFUL consider I only have to pay 30 dollars instead of like 130, and it will not be on my record! woo.

I filled out my MaRcH MaDnEsS bracket, which is funny because i dont really watch basketball. I enjoy it, dont get me wrong, I am just a girl so its not my first priority. But filling out this bracket has made me watch games, like all night last night. And i am mad because Clemson lost, and i had them in the final game! Hopefully Boston College will pull through for me!! I have like 80 points right now, and i am pretty sure that is not good. But it is still fun.

Also last night Chelsea and I cooked for Brandon, Zach, and Derek. We made chicken and hash brown casserole, and it was dank. ha. Oh yeah and a pot of koolaid, literally a pot. It was fun, and the boys said they would do something nice for us one day...hummmmm. we may be waiting for a while. haha. While we are shopping at walmart, we decided we were only going to get the necessities for our food a.k.a annex half the ingredients, but it all turned out good!! After cooking we were studying for our physical science test, gay. So we decided we were going to get doughnuts, therefore we studied and watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning till about 2:30, then it was bed time. Doughnuts open at 3, once again a doughnut FAIL.

I dont think that I will be in reach of a computer this week, so my blogging may be postponed. sad face, i know.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patricks Day.

First off, Happy Saint Patrick's Day!! There was this a kid (college kid, to be exact) dressed as a leprechaun in our cafe today. Sometimes I just dont understand the weird things that people decided to do. I wish we were old enough to enjoy ourselves in the River Market drinking green beer. Sounds like a fun time.

onto a more serious matter. i hate the saying "i love you". i have come to the conclusion that is only said to ruin and make our lives much more complicated. i mean really, do people think that you can show no affection and treat someone like complete crap, and then turn around and say those three little words so that your life will be somewhat perfect. or you can say you tried. love changes everything, and i don't think it is always for the best. half the people in this world have no idea what love is, and i am not trying to imply that i am the love master. because i am not, i have no idea what it is because this world has turned it in to something that its not, and quite frankly it makes me never want to fell that way. i guess i have learned from my own personal experiences that if you really loved someone they wouldn't be the ones you push off to the side in order to do the things you want to do first, you cant hold off on love, it just happens. Love doesn't have to come in only the words "i love you". It will be there whether they are or not. It will show through actions, priorities, and the attitude someone has for you. So you dont have to wait on someone to tell you they really love you, because you should just know and you would feel it, thats what the experts say, and you would be really happy.

sorry for my little vent. ha. i have been thinking about my book more, and its going to be a phenom. at least i hope so, and i think that all of you should read it! =)

Here is a boring list of events for my day.
2.Soccer Game
4. science project
6. hang out with my friends (hopefully)

BTW. Gossip Girl was amazingly intense. We just finished the first season before the new episode started and it was SO good. Oh all the drama. haha. I am really sad though, because I am not going to have anyone to watch it with next season. Brandon is leaving for the real world. =( i will have to conjure up a plan!!
rip gossip girl Monday.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

5 days.

five days until spring break. it is going to be AMAZING. I am going to Panama with Ashley, Jackie, and Alex, and some other people. But those are my girls and we are going to have a blast I cant wait. Sun, Sand, Water, ITS GONNA ROCK!! I am mostly super pumped to be out of school for a week, i need a major break.

enough about that though. So the movie "Keith" was a total let down, which should not be surprising due to the fact that Jesse McCartney played the lead role. so much for that indie flick. we then decided to watch the legendary poltergeist. Carol Ann. Oh yes i almost forgot. Katie, Chelsea, and I went on a photo taking adventure downtown Saturday afternoon. I have a photography assignment due this week, so we did work and play in all one setting. It was fun, and we got some good shots, so hopefully my shots will be good when i develop my film. Now i am suppose to be studying for a Spanish test. i hate Spanish. i would love to learn another language, but this will be my fourth Spanish class and i am pretty sure a fourth grade would know more than me. sad, i know. i also have a physical science test this week and a presentation to do. blah. AND i am on the hunt for a place to live next fall, which is way more complicated to plan out than it should be.

since i am bored and have nothing else really to blog about, i am going to list things i like. yeah i am a dork, fully aware.

sing really loud and pretend i am in a music video when i drive in my car. read books that make me use my imagination. walk downtown of any town. driving in south Arkansas, although its all flat i really like it. going fishing. sit on my front porch to talk on the phone. wear cute cozy winter clothes. believing that my life will turn out like the storyline to a great movie. get so into a tv show that i act like i know the characters personally. making cds. looking at old pictures. going to hastings or starbucks to study, or at least look like i am studying. plan out vacations that arn't ever going to happen. drive through jacksonville and hanging out with my high school friends. laying in bed all day doing absolutely nothing. taking random roadtrips. eating at hole in the wall places that always turn out to be amazing. watch the planes land on the airbase strip. watching people, in a non creepy way. thinking of different ways my life could turn out. staying up all night for no reason. having real meaningful conversations. the maine. dancing and dancing with people. playing the hand slap game. making people actually guess when i say guess what?. traveling to cool places. painting my figure nails. writing on thing with sharpies. the smell of gasoline, they should make a candle of that scent.

and lots of other things, but i need to study now.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

purple violets

i have recently come to like indie movies, and i think it is better to watch things no one else has. Last night Chelsea (my roommate) and I decided to spend our friday the 13th by driving around the great scenic town of Russellville, drinking coffee, listen to our newly made mix cds, and then ending the night with a indie flick. Since there was only 1 of this movie at hastings our hopes for quality entertainment where somewhat low, but i ended up loving the movie. It was very cute and gave me the inspiration to blog.Yes, i am fully aware that I am nerd. Purple violets was the name of the movie, hints how i got my blog title. I want to blog about something interesting/important and i am not sure that my life will suffice, but it is what i know best so i have hopes that people will read this and enjoy. oh, and also follow me in a non-stalkerish way.

During our tour of Russellville, we almost died three times. Possibly because it was friday the 13th and I started the day by waking up to a black cat sitting on the couch next to me. This happend for real. Then as we were driving, Chelsea decides to switch roles to become the bad driver. This is usually my role. As we are driving she almost rearended a person, then decided to take us down to shady mcshadersons part of town, and then drive on the wrong side of the road while oncoming traffic approached. I was in fear for my life, sorta. Oh yes we also saw a family of dear cross the road, which Chels assumed was kids with flashlights...it was midnight. I dont know what kids are doing out at this hour with flashlights in the middle of Russellville, but I guess this is normal for the town of Siloam Springs. That was pretty much our night, when we got back to our room, Derek joined us for the indie film. We also rented a movie called "Kieth" but we have not watched it yet, I am thinking it might be a possible let down after Purple Violets. We shall see.

I have decided that I am going to write a book. I have no earthly idea what it is going to be about, but it makes me really excited to think that I could write something that people would actually read and enjoy. I am conjuring up a storyline....so be on the look out. =)

Today i have to study and go take pictures. I am super pumped about the picture taking. I think this is the only school work I have been excited about. Chels and I are going to wonder around town aimlessly taking pictures and then probably end our day at Hastings reading magazines.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention -> BLACKLIGHT BLACKLIGHT BLACKLIGHT. There was nothing to excited that went down. Just a lot of dancing in a very hot, crowded, and sweaty atmosphere. I enjoyed it, I love to dance, and hang out with my conway besties.

what am i going to do for spring break?? Stay home, go to panama, new Orleans. or camping. The options are all so good.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i dont understand.

being drunk at waffel house is not an explianation. what is thumbs down?
school sucks, i should be doing homework instead of blogging, but yet here i am. creating this blog became a much to complicated process. i already had a blog but apparently i have it no more, you see they changed some things up on me so i had to go through the WHOLE process of making another one. no bueno.

tomorrow is the blacklight party. it is going to be wicked awesome. i cannot wait, i even made a super cool tye die shirt to wear. yes i am bringin it back in style. =) all i can say is that i better be glowing under the blacklights, that is my main goal of the night. we are going to have a massive sleepover at Carlys afterwards, cant wait. and even though i am close to twenty years old, i can still have sleepovers and enjoy them.

i will be back when i have more exciting things to blog about. peace.