Wednesday, January 27, 2010

spring '10

The spring semester is here in full blast. Its the third week of school and I am already swamped with work. For the most part, my classes are pretty easy. They just require a lot of reading and usually a daily assignment to turn in. I have been trying to keep up, but I am number one at procrastination. I really need to work on this. My schedule consist of pr writing, legal business, publications management, multimedia practicum, global journalism, and intro to business. Yes, I am in intro to business, a freshman orientation class. I have learned to use my e-mail and blackboard, which is something I have known for three years now. So for the most part I sit in the back and doddle (don't tell my teacher). I don't have class until 1 on MWF and 11 on TR. I can say my schedule is a okay!

My exciting social life in Russellville is back in full swing also. This usually consist of Katey, Ashlyn, and I making our weekly visit to the 40. This always brings a good time. We went out on a limb and stopped by the supper club. Lucky for Ashlyn, they have karaoke on Wednesday night. It was VERY entertaining.

I am somewhat excited for this semester. Because:
1. Baseball starts in about a week!
2. George Strait is coming to Little Rock at the beginning of March.
3. I get to go to Austin, TX for PRSSA National Assembly.
4. There is spring break.
5. Then it is SUMMER!
6. and VEGAS BaBy!!!! (yes, that called for alternating caps.)

Hopefully I will make it through with little stress and a 4.0! So i can enjoy every bit of my summer!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

this crew is forever.

It has been quite a while since I have posted. Its crazy, so much has happened. I just returned to Russellville from a wonderful Christmas break. It was probably the best break I have had. Although I had to drive back to Russellville to work, I did get to go home for a week or so to spend time with my family. The rest of my time was spent with my crew.

The crew consist of my best friends: Jackie, Ashley, Jordan, Justin, JP, Allen, Tubbs; and myself. We refer to ourselves as the 501 crew, which sounds dumb, but it fits. We are practically a family. For more than a week the 7 of us spent 99.9% of our time in a 2 bedroom apt. Loving every minute of it! So when the break came to an end, it was sad to leave my "family" and come back to the boring town of Russellville. But there where some festivities that took place over break that are worth mentioning:

My best friend Zach, better known as Tubbs, turned 21. We all celebrated in downtown Little Rock to ring in his birthday. Happy I was there for yet another birthday with my bestie.

Jordan moved back home from Colorado. He was only gone for four and half months, and it seemed like forever. I had never been away from him for that long since I was in the 6th grade. Therefore, his return home was the best Christmas present I got!

Justin and Jackie got engaged!! The wedding is set to be in July, when Justin returns from Japan! Its crazy that two of my best friends are getting married, and to each other on top of that! The wedding is going to be amazing, and I am happy to say I will be a bridesmaid! I am bummed that after the wedding they will be moving to California. There is no quick trip. But with friends like ours, its only see you soon.

These where just the highlights of my Christmas break. I think it is very hard to find true friends in this world. And I am so blessed that I have a least 10 people that I know I can turn to, no matter what. It is crazy because people always tell you "when you are older you will only have a few best friends." I am lucky. I have a crew. I have a family, and family is forever.