Friday, March 20, 2009


Beautiful Spring Break Girls!!!

Sadness that Clemson Lost =(

Spring break has finally arrived, and i am UBER PUMPED. I am leaving for Panama City Beach in less that 24 hours, and i can barely stand the excitement. The only bad new is I have to go to one more class before i can officially be on spring break. All that is getting me thru, is that I will spend the next baking next the ocean...definitely nothing better. =)

I have been behind on my blogging because school has come to rule my life. what a sucky life, i know. Court on Tuesday was probably one of my funniest life moments. After searching for the court which ironically moved to Shamrock Dr ( it was St. Patrick's Day), Katie and I came in contact with some crazies! ha. A rather large ghetto women was the best of the experience, words could not suffice in order to explain the stories in court, but it was hilarious. With my great luck, I got out of my ticket with only driving school. Which is WONDERFUL consider I only have to pay 30 dollars instead of like 130, and it will not be on my record! woo.

I filled out my MaRcH MaDnEsS bracket, which is funny because i dont really watch basketball. I enjoy it, dont get me wrong, I am just a girl so its not my first priority. But filling out this bracket has made me watch games, like all night last night. And i am mad because Clemson lost, and i had them in the final game! Hopefully Boston College will pull through for me!! I have like 80 points right now, and i am pretty sure that is not good. But it is still fun.

Also last night Chelsea and I cooked for Brandon, Zach, and Derek. We made chicken and hash brown casserole, and it was dank. ha. Oh yeah and a pot of koolaid, literally a pot. It was fun, and the boys said they would do something nice for us one day...hummmmm. we may be waiting for a while. haha. While we are shopping at walmart, we decided we were only going to get the necessities for our food a.k.a annex half the ingredients, but it all turned out good!! After cooking we were studying for our physical science test, gay. So we decided we were going to get doughnuts, therefore we studied and watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning till about 2:30, then it was bed time. Doughnuts open at 3, once again a doughnut FAIL.

I dont think that I will be in reach of a computer this week, so my blogging may be postponed. sad face, i know.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patricks Day.

First off, Happy Saint Patrick's Day!! There was this a kid (college kid, to be exact) dressed as a leprechaun in our cafe today. Sometimes I just dont understand the weird things that people decided to do. I wish we were old enough to enjoy ourselves in the River Market drinking green beer. Sounds like a fun time.

onto a more serious matter. i hate the saying "i love you". i have come to the conclusion that is only said to ruin and make our lives much more complicated. i mean really, do people think that you can show no affection and treat someone like complete crap, and then turn around and say those three little words so that your life will be somewhat perfect. or you can say you tried. love changes everything, and i don't think it is always for the best. half the people in this world have no idea what love is, and i am not trying to imply that i am the love master. because i am not, i have no idea what it is because this world has turned it in to something that its not, and quite frankly it makes me never want to fell that way. i guess i have learned from my own personal experiences that if you really loved someone they wouldn't be the ones you push off to the side in order to do the things you want to do first, you cant hold off on love, it just happens. Love doesn't have to come in only the words "i love you". It will be there whether they are or not. It will show through actions, priorities, and the attitude someone has for you. So you dont have to wait on someone to tell you they really love you, because you should just know and you would feel it, thats what the experts say, and you would be really happy.

sorry for my little vent. ha. i have been thinking about my book more, and its going to be a phenom. at least i hope so, and i think that all of you should read it! =)

Here is a boring list of events for my day.
2.Soccer Game
4. science project
6. hang out with my friends (hopefully)

BTW. Gossip Girl was amazingly intense. We just finished the first season before the new episode started and it was SO good. Oh all the drama. haha. I am really sad though, because I am not going to have anyone to watch it with next season. Brandon is leaving for the real world. =( i will have to conjure up a plan!!
rip gossip girl Monday.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

5 days.

five days until spring break. it is going to be AMAZING. I am going to Panama with Ashley, Jackie, and Alex, and some other people. But those are my girls and we are going to have a blast I cant wait. Sun, Sand, Water, ITS GONNA ROCK!! I am mostly super pumped to be out of school for a week, i need a major break.

enough about that though. So the movie "Keith" was a total let down, which should not be surprising due to the fact that Jesse McCartney played the lead role. so much for that indie flick. we then decided to watch the legendary poltergeist. Carol Ann. Oh yes i almost forgot. Katie, Chelsea, and I went on a photo taking adventure downtown Saturday afternoon. I have a photography assignment due this week, so we did work and play in all one setting. It was fun, and we got some good shots, so hopefully my shots will be good when i develop my film. Now i am suppose to be studying for a Spanish test. i hate Spanish. i would love to learn another language, but this will be my fourth Spanish class and i am pretty sure a fourth grade would know more than me. sad, i know. i also have a physical science test this week and a presentation to do. blah. AND i am on the hunt for a place to live next fall, which is way more complicated to plan out than it should be.

since i am bored and have nothing else really to blog about, i am going to list things i like. yeah i am a dork, fully aware.

sing really loud and pretend i am in a music video when i drive in my car. read books that make me use my imagination. walk downtown of any town. driving in south Arkansas, although its all flat i really like it. going fishing. sit on my front porch to talk on the phone. wear cute cozy winter clothes. believing that my life will turn out like the storyline to a great movie. get so into a tv show that i act like i know the characters personally. making cds. looking at old pictures. going to hastings or starbucks to study, or at least look like i am studying. plan out vacations that arn't ever going to happen. drive through jacksonville and hanging out with my high school friends. laying in bed all day doing absolutely nothing. taking random roadtrips. eating at hole in the wall places that always turn out to be amazing. watch the planes land on the airbase strip. watching people, in a non creepy way. thinking of different ways my life could turn out. staying up all night for no reason. having real meaningful conversations. the maine. dancing and dancing with people. playing the hand slap game. making people actually guess when i say guess what?. traveling to cool places. painting my figure nails. writing on thing with sharpies. the smell of gasoline, they should make a candle of that scent.

and lots of other things, but i need to study now.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

purple violets

i have recently come to like indie movies, and i think it is better to watch things no one else has. Last night Chelsea (my roommate) and I decided to spend our friday the 13th by driving around the great scenic town of Russellville, drinking coffee, listen to our newly made mix cds, and then ending the night with a indie flick. Since there was only 1 of this movie at hastings our hopes for quality entertainment where somewhat low, but i ended up loving the movie. It was very cute and gave me the inspiration to blog.Yes, i am fully aware that I am nerd. Purple violets was the name of the movie, hints how i got my blog title. I want to blog about something interesting/important and i am not sure that my life will suffice, but it is what i know best so i have hopes that people will read this and enjoy. oh, and also follow me in a non-stalkerish way.

During our tour of Russellville, we almost died three times. Possibly because it was friday the 13th and I started the day by waking up to a black cat sitting on the couch next to me. This happend for real. Then as we were driving, Chelsea decides to switch roles to become the bad driver. This is usually my role. As we are driving she almost rearended a person, then decided to take us down to shady mcshadersons part of town, and then drive on the wrong side of the road while oncoming traffic approached. I was in fear for my life, sorta. Oh yes we also saw a family of dear cross the road, which Chels assumed was kids with was midnight. I dont know what kids are doing out at this hour with flashlights in the middle of Russellville, but I guess this is normal for the town of Siloam Springs. That was pretty much our night, when we got back to our room, Derek joined us for the indie film. We also rented a movie called "Kieth" but we have not watched it yet, I am thinking it might be a possible let down after Purple Violets. We shall see.

I have decided that I am going to write a book. I have no earthly idea what it is going to be about, but it makes me really excited to think that I could write something that people would actually read and enjoy. I am conjuring up a be on the look out. =)

Today i have to study and go take pictures. I am super pumped about the picture taking. I think this is the only school work I have been excited about. Chels and I are going to wonder around town aimlessly taking pictures and then probably end our day at Hastings reading magazines.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention -> BLACKLIGHT BLACKLIGHT BLACKLIGHT. There was nothing to excited that went down. Just a lot of dancing in a very hot, crowded, and sweaty atmosphere. I enjoyed it, I love to dance, and hang out with my conway besties.

what am i going to do for spring break?? Stay home, go to panama, new Orleans. or camping. The options are all so good.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i dont understand.

being drunk at waffel house is not an explianation. what is thumbs down?
school sucks, i should be doing homework instead of blogging, but yet here i am. creating this blog became a much to complicated process. i already had a blog but apparently i have it no more, you see they changed some things up on me so i had to go through the WHOLE process of making another one. no bueno.

tomorrow is the blacklight party. it is going to be wicked awesome. i cannot wait, i even made a super cool tye die shirt to wear. yes i am bringin it back in style. =) all i can say is that i better be glowing under the blacklights, that is my main goal of the night. we are going to have a massive sleepover at Carlys afterwards, cant wait. and even though i am close to twenty years old, i can still have sleepovers and enjoy them.

i will be back when i have more exciting things to blog about. peace.