Saturday, March 14, 2009

purple violets

i have recently come to like indie movies, and i think it is better to watch things no one else has. Last night Chelsea (my roommate) and I decided to spend our friday the 13th by driving around the great scenic town of Russellville, drinking coffee, listen to our newly made mix cds, and then ending the night with a indie flick. Since there was only 1 of this movie at hastings our hopes for quality entertainment where somewhat low, but i ended up loving the movie. It was very cute and gave me the inspiration to blog.Yes, i am fully aware that I am nerd. Purple violets was the name of the movie, hints how i got my blog title. I want to blog about something interesting/important and i am not sure that my life will suffice, but it is what i know best so i have hopes that people will read this and enjoy. oh, and also follow me in a non-stalkerish way.

During our tour of Russellville, we almost died three times. Possibly because it was friday the 13th and I started the day by waking up to a black cat sitting on the couch next to me. This happend for real. Then as we were driving, Chelsea decides to switch roles to become the bad driver. This is usually my role. As we are driving she almost rearended a person, then decided to take us down to shady mcshadersons part of town, and then drive on the wrong side of the road while oncoming traffic approached. I was in fear for my life, sorta. Oh yes we also saw a family of dear cross the road, which Chels assumed was kids with was midnight. I dont know what kids are doing out at this hour with flashlights in the middle of Russellville, but I guess this is normal for the town of Siloam Springs. That was pretty much our night, when we got back to our room, Derek joined us for the indie film. We also rented a movie called "Kieth" but we have not watched it yet, I am thinking it might be a possible let down after Purple Violets. We shall see.

I have decided that I am going to write a book. I have no earthly idea what it is going to be about, but it makes me really excited to think that I could write something that people would actually read and enjoy. I am conjuring up a be on the look out. =)

Today i have to study and go take pictures. I am super pumped about the picture taking. I think this is the only school work I have been excited about. Chels and I are going to wonder around town aimlessly taking pictures and then probably end our day at Hastings reading magazines.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention -> BLACKLIGHT BLACKLIGHT BLACKLIGHT. There was nothing to excited that went down. Just a lot of dancing in a very hot, crowded, and sweaty atmosphere. I enjoyed it, I love to dance, and hang out with my conway besties.

what am i going to do for spring break?? Stay home, go to panama, new Orleans. or camping. The options are all so good.


  1. purple violets=new favorite!
    and i would be the first one in line for you to sign your book.

  2. We give you sole documentary and filming rights. But since you are part of the Quest Team you are going to need a cool name...

    And for your first book you should scribe the adventures of two strapping young lads in their Quest to prove/rid the world of mysterious, legendary monsters. Danger? Check. Handsome fellows? Check. Super hot photography/filmographer/novelist? Check.

    It will sell...guaranteed.