Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patricks Day.

First off, Happy Saint Patrick's Day!! There was this a kid (college kid, to be exact) dressed as a leprechaun in our cafe today. Sometimes I just dont understand the weird things that people decided to do. I wish we were old enough to enjoy ourselves in the River Market drinking green beer. Sounds like a fun time.

onto a more serious matter. i hate the saying "i love you". i have come to the conclusion that is only said to ruin and make our lives much more complicated. i mean really, do people think that you can show no affection and treat someone like complete crap, and then turn around and say those three little words so that your life will be somewhat perfect. or you can say you tried. love changes everything, and i don't think it is always for the best. half the people in this world have no idea what love is, and i am not trying to imply that i am the love master. because i am not, i have no idea what it is because this world has turned it in to something that its not, and quite frankly it makes me never want to fell that way. i guess i have learned from my own personal experiences that if you really loved someone they wouldn't be the ones you push off to the side in order to do the things you want to do first, you cant hold off on love, it just happens. Love doesn't have to come in only the words "i love you". It will be there whether they are or not. It will show through actions, priorities, and the attitude someone has for you. So you dont have to wait on someone to tell you they really love you, because you should just know and you would feel it, thats what the experts say, and you would be really happy.

sorry for my little vent. ha. i have been thinking about my book more, and its going to be a phenom. at least i hope so, and i think that all of you should read it! =)

Here is a boring list of events for my day.
2.Soccer Game
4. science project
6. hang out with my friends (hopefully)

BTW. Gossip Girl was amazingly intense. We just finished the first season before the new episode started and it was SO good. Oh all the drama. haha. I am really sad though, because I am not going to have anyone to watch it with next season. Brandon is leaving for the real world. =( i will have to conjure up a plan!!
rip gossip girl Monday.

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