Sunday, March 15, 2009

5 days.

five days until spring break. it is going to be AMAZING. I am going to Panama with Ashley, Jackie, and Alex, and some other people. But those are my girls and we are going to have a blast I cant wait. Sun, Sand, Water, ITS GONNA ROCK!! I am mostly super pumped to be out of school for a week, i need a major break.

enough about that though. So the movie "Keith" was a total let down, which should not be surprising due to the fact that Jesse McCartney played the lead role. so much for that indie flick. we then decided to watch the legendary poltergeist. Carol Ann. Oh yes i almost forgot. Katie, Chelsea, and I went on a photo taking adventure downtown Saturday afternoon. I have a photography assignment due this week, so we did work and play in all one setting. It was fun, and we got some good shots, so hopefully my shots will be good when i develop my film. Now i am suppose to be studying for a Spanish test. i hate Spanish. i would love to learn another language, but this will be my fourth Spanish class and i am pretty sure a fourth grade would know more than me. sad, i know. i also have a physical science test this week and a presentation to do. blah. AND i am on the hunt for a place to live next fall, which is way more complicated to plan out than it should be.

since i am bored and have nothing else really to blog about, i am going to list things i like. yeah i am a dork, fully aware.

sing really loud and pretend i am in a music video when i drive in my car. read books that make me use my imagination. walk downtown of any town. driving in south Arkansas, although its all flat i really like it. going fishing. sit on my front porch to talk on the phone. wear cute cozy winter clothes. believing that my life will turn out like the storyline to a great movie. get so into a tv show that i act like i know the characters personally. making cds. looking at old pictures. going to hastings or starbucks to study, or at least look like i am studying. plan out vacations that arn't ever going to happen. drive through jacksonville and hanging out with my high school friends. laying in bed all day doing absolutely nothing. taking random roadtrips. eating at hole in the wall places that always turn out to be amazing. watch the planes land on the airbase strip. watching people, in a non creepy way. thinking of different ways my life could turn out. staying up all night for no reason. having real meaningful conversations. the maine. dancing and dancing with people. playing the hand slap game. making people actually guess when i say guess what?. traveling to cool places. painting my figure nails. writing on thing with sharpies. the smell of gasoline, they should make a candle of that scent.

and lots of other things, but i need to study now.

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  1. I just realized you don't follow my blog. Sad face.