Friday, March 20, 2009


Beautiful Spring Break Girls!!!

Sadness that Clemson Lost =(

Spring break has finally arrived, and i am UBER PUMPED. I am leaving for Panama City Beach in less that 24 hours, and i can barely stand the excitement. The only bad new is I have to go to one more class before i can officially be on spring break. All that is getting me thru, is that I will spend the next baking next the ocean...definitely nothing better. =)

I have been behind on my blogging because school has come to rule my life. what a sucky life, i know. Court on Tuesday was probably one of my funniest life moments. After searching for the court which ironically moved to Shamrock Dr ( it was St. Patrick's Day), Katie and I came in contact with some crazies! ha. A rather large ghetto women was the best of the experience, words could not suffice in order to explain the stories in court, but it was hilarious. With my great luck, I got out of my ticket with only driving school. Which is WONDERFUL consider I only have to pay 30 dollars instead of like 130, and it will not be on my record! woo.

I filled out my MaRcH MaDnEsS bracket, which is funny because i dont really watch basketball. I enjoy it, dont get me wrong, I am just a girl so its not my first priority. But filling out this bracket has made me watch games, like all night last night. And i am mad because Clemson lost, and i had them in the final game! Hopefully Boston College will pull through for me!! I have like 80 points right now, and i am pretty sure that is not good. But it is still fun.

Also last night Chelsea and I cooked for Brandon, Zach, and Derek. We made chicken and hash brown casserole, and it was dank. ha. Oh yeah and a pot of koolaid, literally a pot. It was fun, and the boys said they would do something nice for us one day...hummmmm. we may be waiting for a while. haha. While we are shopping at walmart, we decided we were only going to get the necessities for our food a.k.a annex half the ingredients, but it all turned out good!! After cooking we were studying for our physical science test, gay. So we decided we were going to get doughnuts, therefore we studied and watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning till about 2:30, then it was bed time. Doughnuts open at 3, once again a doughnut FAIL.

I dont think that I will be in reach of a computer this week, so my blogging may be postponed. sad face, i know.

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  1. Sadface indeed! I'm pretty sure your bracket will end up being better than mine...sadface. And that chicken was the best I've ever had! Mos def dank! It was the! And I like the pic!

    P.S.-You're missed already!