Thursday, April 2, 2009

snap back to reality.

Spring break was sooo amazing. It rained the last two days we were there which was kind of crappy, but we spent as much time on the beach as possible. The weather was peeerrfect. Not too hot, but not too cold. I wish I would have got more sun but I guess that is just a reason to go back. Although it was spring break, it wasnt as crazy as i expected to be. I mean i went with a pretty crazy group, but we all know to keep our heads on straight so it made for a new group. Jackie, Ashley, and I went out by ourselves one night, which was a BLAST. We made up fake names and life stories to tell everyone we meet. Even thought we have way southern accents somehow they believed we were from Rhode Island. I know right, who is from Rhode Island. It was fun to pretend, working on my acting skills. We also got our ears pierced. Yay!! When i went down there i was thinking i am not going to spend that much money..yeah right. It coast way too much to go out to eat and to the clubs. Since we werent 21 we had to pay 20 dollars every time we went out witch is bogus. And then so restaurants are just ridiculous, except for Dirty Dicks. We got all you can eat shrimp and crap legs and it was well worth the 40 bucks! And i ate every single bit i could eat! =) Needless to say I cant wait till next Spring Break!!

Now that I am back to still is crazy. I am so stressed out and busy. I have to keep all my grades up which is a pain to do when you dont like to study! My only goal is to keep my scholarship...therefore my school will still be paid for and my parents will be happy. So i am keeping my fingers crossed that it happens.

I am in another pageant this weekend. Also my last one for the year. It would be cool to win because then I could go to Miss Arkansas which would be an amazing experience. I am just ready to get this one over with. The interviews make me super nervous, because they ask the craziest questions sometimes. And I just hope my dance looks good because i havent done it since the last pageant. so I am NERVOUS....wish me luck.

BLAH. i need a job soooo bad. I am poor, no joke. After the pageant and school, that is my next goal to get a job. I hate having to depend on my parents for money because I know they dont have money to give me all the time, so it just sucks. I just got to find someone to hire me. ha

I am about to play Hungry Hungry Hippo...and I am pumped. B and I got this great inspiration from gossip girl. Its going to be EPIC.

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