Monday, April 6, 2009


It was cold as balls at our softball game tonight. Yes "cold as balls" qualifies for an official temperature....its when you cant feel your limbs. Not cool. Chelsea hates when anything is referred to "as balls" so i try to refrain. So it was cold, and we got run ruled! I thought it would be a sweet play to throw the imaginary runner out at third. ha. I blame it on the hottie i was checkin out in the stands, or thats what i am saying. We stayed for the Bandits game, the won. They played the drunk golfers and it was ENTERTAINING and cold.

Chelsea, Zach, and I decided to play this lets jump on the bad from halfway across the room game. Its hard, and we look retarted. I plan to post of video of Chels' try....its funny. Although it is a really dump thing to play, its fun. Oh what we give for cheap thrills.

i have to write a speech and give it in order to get the PRSSA position. F my life.
Everyone is sick, Arkansas weather sucks!!

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  1. disclaimer: my bed jumping skillzzz are improving.