Friday, April 17, 2009

what up.

Its Friday. Woo. This has been a busy week, kinda. I have a photography assignment due on Monday so I have been busy trying to get in and out of the dark room. I would have finished it today....but i ran out of paper. Just my luck.

Last night, I went to doughnuts for the first time. Our doughnut shop opens at 3 a.m. for some odd reason, and its the cool thing to go get doughnuts right when the open. So i went, and I ate one doughnut and then my stomach started to hurt. I knew that was going to happen, i cannot have sweets that early/late. But now i can say i have actually been. I have had the idea of going to doughnuts all semester, but i usually end up going to bed because it sounds much more appealing.

I started watching a new show called Harper's Island. Its about this murderer who came to the island and killed tons of people. Well they thought he was dead, maybe he is, but somebody is killing people again. Its creepy...but i dont know how long it will last. I mean you can only kill so many people.

Tuesday after fuel everyone went to Waffle House, which made me very happy. I love waffle house...its the bomb. Then all like 8 of us piled into Bekah's tiny car and went to the park to play. It was fun and awkward, which is always the case with our friends...but i like it. =)

Tomorrow morning i have driving school. Its gonna possibly be the more boring day of my life. I have to stay there from 9 am until 4 pm. Really?? That is just ridiculous. I know how to drive, I just like to drive a little faster than you are suppose to.

I am SUPER pumped about Sunday. I am trying out for the Arkansas Sirens, which is the dance team for the Arkansas Twisters arena football team. Not that i really enjoy the football that much, i just want to dance. Every time I got back home and watch the competitions, I am just dying to get on the stage. Its probably the thing i miss most about being at home and high school. So yeah, this would be kind of like that. I would get to dance and perform...and that makes me happy. Oh yeah, and i get paid to do it. what up!

Chelsea, Zach, and I have been watching a lot of How I Met Your Mother. Absolutely love it. It cracks my stuff up. So if your not a should definitely consider becoming one. =)

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