Tuesday, May 5, 2009


i believe i have fallen into a time warp and landed in Forks, Washington. It has rained her for the past four or five days. This has made me come to the conclusion that I would hate Forks, no matter how many Edward Cullen's walked around town, I just can't take the rain. It makes me tired, and un-motivated. This is not a great combination for finals week.

As i am writing this, I am suppose to be studying for my Spanish exam, which is tomorrow. I am horrible at Spanish. I honestly don't believe there is someone that is worse than me in the subject. After four Spanish classes, I have yet to learn a single thing. It is quite pathetic...i know. It is my first final, and I am glad/stressed about it. I am just ready to get it over with so i never have to look in my Spanish book again, but i also don't want to study. I have been in the library for about 3 hours studying...so this better pay off. Red bull and I are going to become very good friends tonight! =)

Along with having finals this week, I also have my first Twister's game on Saturday. I am super pumped about it. I have two practices this week which sucks because of finals and I have to drive to Little Rock, but maybe it will help me de-stress. Yeah, so if you are in the LR area, totally come to the game on SATURDAY!!! woo woo.

On to something more important, some people just aggravate the crap out of me. And i do not understand what goes through their heads, but whatever. I guess its not place to be concerned, but I am. whatever.

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