Tuesday, May 26, 2009

de zomer

yes it is summer. i have to say that i was sad to leave russellville. I was content with the way things were. I was having a blast and I hated to see it end. Next year will be different and i hope that it will be a better different. Things change so much over a year I can only imagine what it will be like in may 2010. I am excited for it.

so far this summer i have....

-gotten a lot of sleep
-went to riverfest
-enjoyed some shows at the Rev Room and The Village
-and hung out with my 501 friends (the ones that came back home that is)
-made many trips to hastings to use the free wifi.

I start work in a week or so. I am a daycamp instructor at Huff -n- Puff once again. Huff -n- Puff is a dance and gymnastics studio for those who are a slight bit confused. I pretty much grew up there so its fun to go back during the summer. Everyday I will get the privlage to hang out with about 20 or so six to eight year olds. As much as i talk about kids being horrible, i secretly enjoy it. I have a ton of fun. I get to go to the park everyday, see the ice cream truck on wednesdays, and go to the pool on fridays. I am pretty much just a big kid for the summer, how cool is that. So i admit, i do like kids... i am just dont plan on having one of my own for quite some while.

enough about that.....I am going to learn to play tennis. This is one of my goals for the summer. I want to know how to play something that i can do when i am older and that doesnt require a whole team. Just two people, and tennis is my choice. Now the question is....how do you play, who to play with, where do i play....

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