Sunday, August 26, 2012

August Rush

It seems jut a few days ago I was looking forward to August. Now it is coming to end. 

This month has been a roller coaster of happy and sad moments. 

I got to visit with sweet friends passing through New York City. 

I am always happy to see a familiar face. I have been blessed with amazing friends that I left behind when I moved, and when I get to see them I could not be more excited. Even if its for dinner or a quick lunch. 

I lost two friends this month. My friend Ox who I wrote about in my last post, and my best friend Justin. I wrote about him several months ago after a tragic accident happened. It has been a long year of praying and hoping, but he left this world for a better place. 

I visited home for a few days to be with family and friends, and attend the services. It was the hardest thing ever. 

It was a blessing to be in Arkansas, given the circumstances. I really have the best friends in the world and I miss them more than anything. Four days will never be enough to visit, but I will take it.

Now August is wrapping up, and I am trying to prepare my self for grad school. 

I'm so nervous. 

Keeping my fingers crossed that things go well. 

{Justin and I when I visited San Diego.}

{Rockin' kicks for Justin.}

{Natalie and I just being normal.}

{Just a few of the best friends I could ask for.}

{Rem, Zach and I before I headed back to New York.}

{Asif, Will, and Natalie enjoying bucket night in Arkansas.}

{My cousin, aunt and I on Top of the Rock.} 
{Breathtaking view of the city. }


Sunday, August 5, 2012


Life is a precious thing. We never stop to realize this until someone is taken from us. 

I lost a dear and wonderful friend yesterday. 

I couldn't believe it and more than that, I didn't want to believe it. 

I know he is in a better place than all of us. That brings me comfort. 

Now its my turn to live life to the fullest for Karri Oksanen, better known as Ox. 

You will be greatly missed and I am blessed to have great memories with such an amazing person. 

Remember to hug your family and friends, and always let them know how much you love them.