Tuesday, September 29, 2009

coffee past 10.

Drinking two cups of coffee after 10p.m. is never a smart plan. And although I am fully awake and should be studying, I am blogging. Anything these days is better than studying. I don't like school yet I want to learn so I can get a degree and move on into the real world. For the longest time, I thought graduating was going to be horrible, but now I CANNOT WAIT. It just looks like fun, and I am just excited to see what all is out there.

Today, I wasted most of the day with a nap. I really wasn't tired but I laid down until I fell asleep. Pathetic, I know. I should have been using that time to study, so I wouldn't have to cram it all in tomorrow before my quiz. I am such a procrastinator. After my nap, I cooked, showered, and watched The Hills. Then I went to fuel and had coffee with the girlfriends. I received news today that apple is sending me a new iPhone since they lost mine, hopefully this one will actually make it into my possession.

Things that make me happy today:
1. Its getting cold outside (which i would usually hate)
2. Kristen is back. She was always my favorite.
3. My roomie comes home tomorrow.
4. Its almost October.
5. the miley and mandy show.
6. Katie, Chelsea, and Hooper.

Monday, September 28, 2009


For my twentieth birtday, August 1, 2009, I celebrated by buying myself the 3gs iPhone. After enjoying it for two weeks, the external speaker on the phone decided to stop working. Therefore, I sent my phone back to apple in order to get it fixed. This was the procedure I was told to follow by apple and AT&T. I sent my phone in at the end of August, and it is now the end of September and I have failed to get it back. After contacting Apple a total of eight times, because they failed to contact me, they have come to the conclusion that my iPhone is lost. Yes, LOST. I cannot comprehend how a company so huge can fail to fix my phone and return it, without losing it. As of now, I am stuck with a pink razor and a loss of 200 dollars, not what i signed up for. Thank you Apple.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

school. work. play.

i keep asking myself why in the world do i got to school, because i hate it. Its not so much the classes, just all the busy work you have to do. I know that it will be worth it whenever I graduate, so that keeps me going. I can't wait until i graduate and get a real job. Its going to be amazing, I am sure of it!

i now work at Colton's steakhouse as a waitress. i am uber stoaked that i got a job, it was definitely needed. I was so nervous about being a waitress, but it hasn't been too bad. I just hate carrying the huge trays with lots of food, because i know one day it is just going to hit the ground. My little arm muscles are too weak for all that.

This weekend I just hung out with russellville. Jesse came up on Friday night. Ashlyn cooked an amazing meal, we had good wine, and then attempted to watch the City of God. I found out that my attention span, wine, and subtitles do not mix well. So i will have to finish the movie sometime this week, i have heard that it is just amazing. Saturday Ashlyn and I hung out at the neighbors. It was chill. Today i pretty much laid around until work, then i came home and did homework. =)

now. i am running errands with Ash then going to watch the VMAs.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


School has started once again, which brings me back to the not so wonderful town of Russellville. To think i actually missed this place. It rains entirely too much, there is not a FedEx office and the iPhone does not get 3g, but I have learned to enjoy it, because the people who accompany me in this town are the only thing worth being here for. I recently moved into my new apartment with my roommate, Ashlyn. It is wonderful. There are some things that I miss about dorm life, but this still wins. Off Campus parking is horrible and I tend to find a lot of spiders in the apartment. (I am terrified of spiders) Besides this, everything has been splendid. I have learned to cook. I don't think it was that I did not know how to cook, it was just that I never did it, but now that I have to, it is not so bad. Much better than the Arkansas Tech Cafe.

I have made big plans for myself that will take up the next year of my life. In November I am going to San Diego for a PRSSA conference. I am stoaked. I have never been to California, or the west coast, and I have a feeling that it is going to be pretty awesome. Then in June I am moving to Paris for a month. The most genius idea ever. I am doing a study abroad program, but the only downside is the fact that I have to save up a ridiculous amount of money. Something that is kind of hard to do without a job, but this should change soon. I know that it will be totally worth it, if they can even get me to come back. Then I will be flying to the wonderful Las Vegas to ring in my 21st. I know this is forever away, but I am super excited non the less.

Also my goal is to keep up with my blog, i have been slacking.