Monday, September 28, 2009


For my twentieth birtday, August 1, 2009, I celebrated by buying myself the 3gs iPhone. After enjoying it for two weeks, the external speaker on the phone decided to stop working. Therefore, I sent my phone back to apple in order to get it fixed. This was the procedure I was told to follow by apple and AT&T. I sent my phone in at the end of August, and it is now the end of September and I have failed to get it back. After contacting Apple a total of eight times, because they failed to contact me, they have come to the conclusion that my iPhone is lost. Yes, LOST. I cannot comprehend how a company so huge can fail to fix my phone and return it, without losing it. As of now, I am stuck with a pink razor and a loss of 200 dollars, not what i signed up for. Thank you Apple.

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