Tuesday, September 29, 2009

coffee past 10.

Drinking two cups of coffee after 10p.m. is never a smart plan. And although I am fully awake and should be studying, I am blogging. Anything these days is better than studying. I don't like school yet I want to learn so I can get a degree and move on into the real world. For the longest time, I thought graduating was going to be horrible, but now I CANNOT WAIT. It just looks like fun, and I am just excited to see what all is out there.

Today, I wasted most of the day with a nap. I really wasn't tired but I laid down until I fell asleep. Pathetic, I know. I should have been using that time to study, so I wouldn't have to cram it all in tomorrow before my quiz. I am such a procrastinator. After my nap, I cooked, showered, and watched The Hills. Then I went to fuel and had coffee with the girlfriends. I received news today that apple is sending me a new iPhone since they lost mine, hopefully this one will actually make it into my possession.

Things that make me happy today:
1. Its getting cold outside (which i would usually hate)
2. Kristen is back. She was always my favorite.
3. My roomie comes home tomorrow.
4. Its almost October.
5. the miley and mandy show.
6. Katie, Chelsea, and Hooper.

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