Tuesday, September 8, 2009


School has started once again, which brings me back to the not so wonderful town of Russellville. To think i actually missed this place. It rains entirely too much, there is not a FedEx office and the iPhone does not get 3g, but I have learned to enjoy it, because the people who accompany me in this town are the only thing worth being here for. I recently moved into my new apartment with my roommate, Ashlyn. It is wonderful. There are some things that I miss about dorm life, but this still wins. Off Campus parking is horrible and I tend to find a lot of spiders in the apartment. (I am terrified of spiders) Besides this, everything has been splendid. I have learned to cook. I don't think it was that I did not know how to cook, it was just that I never did it, but now that I have to, it is not so bad. Much better than the Arkansas Tech Cafe.

I have made big plans for myself that will take up the next year of my life. In November I am going to San Diego for a PRSSA conference. I am stoaked. I have never been to California, or the west coast, and I have a feeling that it is going to be pretty awesome. Then in June I am moving to Paris for a month. The most genius idea ever. I am doing a study abroad program, but the only downside is the fact that I have to save up a ridiculous amount of money. Something that is kind of hard to do without a job, but this should change soon. I know that it will be totally worth it, if they can even get me to come back. Then I will be flying to the wonderful Las Vegas to ring in my 21st. I know this is forever away, but I am super excited non the less.

Also my goal is to keep up with my blog, i have been slacking.

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