Thursday, May 28, 2009


1. i have been on the autobahn.

2. it freaks me out to share a fork or spoon with someone.

3. i know pretty much every George Strait song.

4. i have a fascination with the life of the Kennedys.

5. i have owned 11 cell phones (bad luck with electronics.)

6. i dont like to talk on the phone much.

7. i’ve never been on the west coast.

8. i hate snow skiing. it was a bad experience.

9. my car has a little of 153,000 miles on it.

10. i really enjoy awkward moments.

11. i am a horrible speller.

12. i wear red alot.

13. i picked purple to be a favorite color, bc in elementry school everyone else like blue and pink.

14. i had two back surgeries.

15. my mom ghetto-riged my a rolly backpack in 7th grade (this was probably the most embarrising day of my life.)

16. i hate going the doctor…it is usually my last resort.

17. i got fined for downloading music off limewire.

18. i read about everyday.

19. will farrell gets on my nerves.

20. i really want to watch alice in wonderland right now.

1 comment:

  1. i'm been finding all of these yummy recipes that i can't wait to try out in your apt next year!

    ps- i miss you. and if we were together we could watch alice in wonderland. and eat popcorn. or better yet, make our wonderful spinach dip!!