Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coffee Fridays.

On Fridays, Kate Gentry Chelsea and I have this little ritual that we partake in called Coffee Friday. Its no surprise that we spend the start of the weekend at starbucks. This is one of my favorite times of the weeks because we get to sit around and talk for hours, with no rush. Its really nice. Usually our conversations go in the direction of what our future will be like. Careers, Friends, Houses, Weddings, Kids, Families, all those sorts. Not that any of us are close to that, especially me. I am the one who is like "really, this topic is brought up again." I guess I am not normal since I can totally wait like 20 more years before I have a family and become a soccer mom. Okay, maybe not 20 but you catch my drift. I do admit it is fun to talk about. I just want a town house in the City over a screaming toddler at the moment. And a golden lab, but i have to wait for that too. I have a long life ahead of me and I am trying not to rush it yet enjoy it.

Today, I slept in which was amazing. Then i headed to Conway and spent the day with my Memaw, Aunts and Mother. We had Easter dinner, I guess you could say. We all went shopping, to Target and Lowes, which was much more fun than it sounds. My mom and her sisters are hilarious, we laughed non-stop especially when my mom requested the starbucks lady to blend a banana into her frappe. On top of that weird combination she made me order it. So we laughed until they almost peed their britches. We also moved furniture around in my aunts house and just spent time together. It was fun because we dont get to do that often.


  1. when we get old and move away can we still have coffee fridays?

  2. You haven't blogged in a few days...I'm getting worried.