Wednesday, March 11, 2009

school sucks, i should be doing homework instead of blogging, but yet here i am. creating this blog became a much to complicated process. i already had a blog but apparently i have it no more, you see they changed some things up on me so i had to go through the WHOLE process of making another one. no bueno.

tomorrow is the blacklight party. it is going to be wicked awesome. i cannot wait, i even made a super cool tye die shirt to wear. yes i am bringin it back in style. =) all i can say is that i better be glowing under the blacklights, that is my main goal of the night. we are going to have a massive sleepover at Carlys afterwards, cant wait. and even though i am close to twenty years old, i can still have sleepovers and enjoy them.

i will be back when i have more exciting things to blog about. peace.

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