Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Party on the White House lawn??

Last month I had the privilege to attend the 2010 PRSSA National Conference in Washington, D.C. It was my first time in D.C., and I had a wonderful time. I probably would have stayed there if I had the choice. I learned so much at conference and also got to visit some very cool places.

Conference consist of five days completed devoted to PR and PRSSA. We heard from numerous speakers in the PR industry, and had the opportunity to network with students and professionals from across the United States. I had the chance to meet the Intern Queen Lauren Berger. She had amazing advice to offer about internships, and it was also exciting to meet her because I had followed her on Twitter since the summer. I also meet Jeff Tobler, publicity manger at the CW Network. He gave us some insight on working in the entertainment industry.

Along with being successful, these two speakers were also under the age of 30. It was a great inspiration, to visit with professionals that are closer to my age and have been so successful in the industry. It is definitely encouraging in this economy.

Conference was a great experience, and so was exploring D.C. I had the chance to visit the Holocaust Museum-which was amazing. It is an awesome museum and takes you to the heart of the Holocaust and the people that went through it. I also visited the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, Washington Monument and the capitol building. I also visited Arlington Cemetery, and it was my favorite part of site seeing. Arlington was a beautiful place, and if I had the time I would have stayed there all day taking pictures. It is full of so much history!

My partner in crime

Our PRSSA family

Holocaust Museum

Kennedy's grave site

at Arlington

After getting the largest pizza slice ever!

at Arlington

at Arlington

Spending five days in D.C. was not long enough so I will definitely be going back!

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