Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summertime Fun

I stole this idea from my friend Chelsea. She sent me a ball like this in the mail for my 19th birthday. I walked into the post office to pick up my "package" and was handed a huge bouncy ball. I am sure it was the talk of the post office. One of my friends has been working at Pine Cove Timbers Camp in Tyler, Texas all summer. I have got to talk to him a couple of times on his days off, but I decided to send him something to make him laugh when he starts missing home. I wrote silly laffy taffy jokes (which are my favorite) all over the ball, and drew pictures. I wish I could see the look on his face when he get this! After you read this, say a little prayer for Richard to have a great few last weeks.  

This past weekend was very eventful. We had Jackie's bachelorette party on Saturday night, and Justin also got home on Saturday! It was nice spending time with all the girls on Saturday and not having to worry about what the boys were up to. I got to see Justin today for the first time since he has been back! It was so nice to see him, and I am glad we will all get to hang out for the next few weeks until they move back to California.

Me and the bride-to-be!

Monday night I celebrated my best friend Ashley's 21st birthday. We went to dinner with her mom at The Villa, which is a delicious Italian restaurant in Little Rock. Then we did a little shopping at Old Navy. The funniest thing happened. Ashley discovered this new "beauty mark" when she got home from work. She swore up and down that it was dirt but the three of us tried and tired to get it off. So we came to the conclusion it was a new freckle/beauty mark. This morning at work I got a text message from Ashley saying her beauty was DIRT!! It wiped right off this morning. I died laughing! HA!

Twenty One!

Ashley and I after dinner.

I had an eventful yet wonderful weekend! I hope everyone else did also. =)

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  1. love sending giant balls in the mail! (only situation where i will use the word balls in a sentence...)
    zach sent one to his sister at camp a few weeks ago!!