Monday, July 12, 2010

growing up

This past weekend was not filled with much excitement. For the most part, I hung around our house planning out things for next year when I move into my apartment (the one I almost didn't get.)

My mother, aunt and I drove to Russellville on Saturday to find an apartment. I would have probably postponed this longer but my mom insisted. Thank goodness! Because when I got there there were no apartments available at the two complexes I was looking in to. The lady at Spring Lake, my future home, told me that they were going to evict this guy but she was not 100% sure. So hoping I would get lucky, I paid a $250 deposit and prayed that something would open up. Lucky me, about an hour after we left she called me to say the apartment was mine, and the guy had one day to move out. God is good. I just feel bad for the guy who got evicted, hope hes not too upset. So i scored a 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment!

I had almost everything I needed to furnish my apartment, but there were a few things I still needed. One of those being a couch. I had been trying to find something at a good deal and that I liked. We went into Furniture Factory Outlet and I found the perfect tan suede couch. It was so comfy which plays a big factor in my couch hunting. After a lot of contemplation-I bought it. I was hesitant at first because it was a lot of money, for me, and I don't like spending my own money. But I figured it was time for me to be a grown up and buy grown up things with my money.

The couches that I bought for my apartment.

We then ventured to hobby lobby and I found a few little signs I like for my kitchen. The only thing was that the colors and design does not match ANYTHING I own. So i bought two canvases and decided I am going to paint them myself so they will have all the colors I want.

Here are the orginal signs. I will post my version whenever I get them finished!

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  1. whoa!! a couch!?! that's big-kid stuff!! hah!
    i'm so excited for you...that couch looks really nice!

    and yes...kelsea-chelsea shows/rainbow cupcakes/90210/etc.etc.etc will happen this year. fooooo shoooooo!