Friday, July 9, 2010

fun from the fourth plus some...

The 4th went out with a bang. It was a wonderful weekend spent with close friends. I attempted a trip to Beaver Lake on Saturday but just my luck it rained all day. The sun finally came out when it was time for me to head to Ft. Smith on Sunday.

Ft. Smith was filled with food, swimming, friends and fireworks. The girls beat the boys in an intense game of water basketball. I hadn’t played a game of basketball since my days on a team at the Boys and Girls Club, and even then I mostly sat the bench. We also played my new favorite video game, Just Dance on the Wii. It is so much fun and a workout too. I took almost 10 years of dance and I completely suck at the game. My grandmother could probably beat me, but I still like to play.

This week has been less eventful. I did get to hang out with some friends last night. Gentry, Josh, Amanda and I watched Clay and Brandon play softball up at Burns Park, then we headed to Chick-fil-a for some food after the game. Brandon and I had to make a pit stop at Cozy’s first. Cozy’s is my all time favorite snow cone stand. When I was younger we would stop after leaving my softball games, now I have to make special trips to Cozy’s which is not conveniently located on the way to anywhere except the ball park.

It was nice to spend the night with friends. I feel like I have been lame all summer by going home everyday after work and not getting out.

Josh is leaving for Australia on Monday. He will be there for a whole year to attend Hillsong’s school. Personally, I think that would be super amazing. It would be hard to leave friends, but I think I could make the move. I know he will have an awesome time there, and learn so much along the way. Keep Josh in your thoughts and prayers over the next year. And Skype him, if you can…

I really wish I had pictures to go along with this post. I actually do, but they are not on this computer. Next time I will try to have pictures. I almost forgot! I started up my new blog. If you like bands, music or anything similarly related you should check it out -> Stuck on Repeat. I only have one post so far, but it is coming together.


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