Wednesday, October 16, 2013

No Sleep 'til Brooklyn.

I love when you have a really great night when your expectations were low or you thought it was going to be just another normal night. Well, that happened to me on Friday.

A friend I worked with back in Arkansas was visiting NYC, and invited me to come watch her DJ play at a warehouse club in Brooklyn. Not going to lie, Brooklyn scares me. I just don't think I'm "hipster" enough to be hanging out in Williamsburg. But Friday, I felt pretty hip.

We got to the club and somehow cheated the line {didn't expect a line either} and walked into a pretty intense Moroccan music set. Not my normal style but I can dig it.

I assumed the rest of the show was going to have this same trance-y, Moroccan feel. Boy, was I wrong. Next walked out a petite girl dressed in leather sweatpants and six inch pumps...and did she drop the beat? Yes. She starts rapping, and the girl has got some rap game. Being from the "dirty" south I can appreciate rap.

Even though I had class at 9AM the next morning, we stayed out dancing 'til about 3:30AM. Then we scoped out a crowded little pizza joint and found a stoop to enjoy our slice. Turns out people are very friendly at 3:30AM when they are searching for food. We made some friends but I finally had to call it quits so I could go home and get {some} sleep.

{Bright Lights, Big Cities.}

{Joining Amanda Blank.}

{Eden crashing the stage.}

{Our friendly pizza guy.}

{Waiting on a slice.}

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