Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Banksy {and me} in New York.

Hello lovely blog world. If any of you follow the art world, then you may know who Banksy is. I had seen pictures of his work in the past, but I didn't know what he was all about until the past few weeks. How did I learn you ask?! Banksy is in New York City gracing us with his lovely works of art. Very cool. 

Apparently the only people who don't find this cool, is the NYPD. They are after him. So now Banksy is getting even more creative. He sat up a table in Central Park and sold his paintings for $60. Yes, $60. I almost cried when I found out I missed out on this. But this past weekend, I got the full Banksy NYC experience. He had an outdoor gallery featuring two paintings open Friday-Sunday. I happened to check out his website to find out about it, so Saturday after brunch we checked it out. 

Saturday was such a great day. After seeing the Banksy exhibit, we checked out a cute wine and cheese bar and then headed over to the Chelsea Market. I had a delicious strawberry, banana and Nutella crepe. I tried to snap a picture but turns out crepes aren't that photogenic. 

I also picked up a awesome, Hunger Games inspired ring. I love going to Chelsea Market. Such great things to try and cute little trinkets to pick up. It's a must see if you are visiting NYC. 

Another weekend event was introducing Arielle to the Southern goodness that is Bread Pudding. We ate at a cute restaurant in Brooklyn's Park Slope called Sidecar. The Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Bread Pudding were to die for. Luckily, it is right around the corner from Arielle's apartment so I will be going back. 

{Decisions, Decisions.}

{The delciousness of Sidecar.}

{Bread Pudding=Heaven.}

{Waiting to see Banksy.}

{...more waiting.}

{ Banksy pieces inspired by the Occupy movement.}

{Banksy just couldn't resist the blank brick.}

{ Awkward selfie. I obvi don't know what to do with my hands.}

{Make a serious face...?}

{Sunglasses on.}

{Sunglasses off.}

{Contributing to the Wish Tree.}


{What's your wish?}

{Ending the weekend at Chelsea Market.}

How was y'alls weekend? 


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