Friday, October 4, 2013

Hiking UP Upstate.

I finally got to do something I've been dying to do for awhile...
Go hiking!

I never realized how much I loved the outdoors until I moved to the concrete jungle. Now I try to spend as much time outside as possible, even if its just sitting in the park. 
But I finally got to do a little more than that. 

{Arielle and me about half way up the mountain.}

A few weekends ago, we, Arielle, Matt and I, took the LIRR up to Breakneck Ridge for a day of hiking. They always tell me about their hiking trips and its usually when I am working away at Bloomingdale's. So I finally planned a trip on my weekend off. It was {hilariously} perfect!

To start the morning off, we missed our stop at Breakneck Ridge. To our defense, it is hardly a stop but  a tiny platform in the middle of the woods. Luckily we found a very friendly cab driver that dropped us off at the trails and we got started on our 3 hour hike. 
{Tiny platform in the middle of nowhere a.k.a. Breakneck Ridge Stop}

I thought I was going to die after the first 5 minutes. It was straight up hill, well up rocks. Finally, my breathing adjusted and I was able to enjoy being in the woods without thinking I was going to pass out. We then, of course, got lost and Arielle was freaking out! But we found our way back with about 4 hours to spare. 

We thought it would be a good idea to walk down the highway to the next town, about 2.5 miles away.  We walked for about 1/4 of a mile, then that turned into hitch hiking. The hitch hiking turned into us just walking back to the train stop to sit for 4 hours. New Yorkers are very picky about who they pick up, but who wouldn't be. 

Here are a few more pictures from the trip. I hope next time I go we can do a little camping, or find a cute little cabin to cozy up in for the weekend. 

{Arielle and Matt, who refused to take pictures.}

{Pretty much what we were climbing up. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating.}

{Just an awkward selfie I had to send home.}

{Hanging out on the Hudson River.}

{Napping while waiting for the train, that only stops twice on the weekends!}


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