Thursday, October 10, 2013

Going to Queens, Don't Wanna Hear About It.

Now that I finally have my walls decorated and a nice comfy couch to write up a blog post on, I guess it's time to show y'all my new apartment. I said farewell to my box apartment in East Village back in May and moved to Astoria, Queens. 

I mean, y'all, I have a real living room and kitchen. The kitchen has its own door. What?! That's just gold compared to my old apartment. I love it. It feels much more like a home and less like a dorm room. And to top it off it's all mine!

I know have to stay away from the "Home Decor" section of Pinterest because I want to redecorate about every other day. I went for the Country/Boho/Vintage/Chic theme. Yes, that is a thing. Although I may have created it while decorating. 

Enough about that, here are a few pictures of the new crib. Unfortunately, there are none of my bedroom. I'll have to save that for later, for two reasons. One being that the light in my room has been out for almost a month because I can't reach the light to change the bulb. And second, my closet once again threw up everything inside. I gotta get that under control. ya go!

{Yay! Space to cook.}

{No more eating on the floor.}

{A little wall decor to bring me back down thought.}

{The perfect couch and chair to cozy up and watch some Law & Order: SVU.}

{The Infamous Kitchen Door. I love it.}


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