Saturday, February 11, 2012

All The Single Ladies.

Valentine's Day is that one day of year for the whole world to celebrate their significant others. For single girls, it means being blue and probably spending money we don't need too. I've come to the conclusion that there is no need for that, so this year instead of getting the Valentine Day blues get the pinks (or whatever you want to call them). 

What does that mean? Use the day to celebrate YOU and the people you love, be it romantic or not. It's a great way to take your mind off the consumer driven ideal of Valentine's Day and to have a little fun. So I did a little research, via google, to make a top ten list of fun, non-attached activities for all my single ladies out there. Que Beyonce. 

1. Make it a girls day. If you watch Parks & Recreation, we call this Galentine's Day. Host a dinner to celebrate the great girlfriends you have. 

2. Throw a party. The theme can be anti-Valentines. If you have watched Valentine's Day, Jessica Biel hit the head on nail with this idea. Just follow her lead. 

3. Have an eye-candy marathon. Just rent every movie your favorite Hollywood hottie has ever been in, grab some popcorn, and press play. For me, this means any movie with Jude Law or Ben Affleck or Adam Brody--and the list goes on. Looks like I have a lot of movies to watch. 

4. Play Dirty Santa, Cupid style. Which I guess would be Dirty Cupid. Get a group of single friends together, draw names, and send each other gifts on Valentine's Day. 

5. Cook dinner for YOURSELF. Head to the grocery store and whip up your favorite meal. It will keep you busy and it will be all for you. Then wait till the next day to do the dishes and relax. 

6. SPA DAY! Treat yourself to a mani, pedi, facial and full body message. The last thing on your mind will be the fact that your single. 

7. Set up an online dating profile. As a joke. Most sites give you a trial run, so you can see what all the hype is about. I personally wouldn't actually use the site, but you never know you could get lucky. It would at least be fun to see if you get any matches. ;)

8. Take a day trip. Hope in the car and drive to that close-to-home place you've been dying to visit. Check out the local coffee shops, boutiques and restaurants. Spend the day shopping all for yourself!!

9. Remind yourself that every couple isn't a happy couple. You would much rather be single than miserable. If you think otherwise, you are stupid. 

10. Forget what day it is! If all of the above fails you, just hide every calendar you own, your cell phone and computer and forget what day it is. You might not want to turn on the TV either. 

If you were wondering what you were going to do on Tuesday, being single and all, well now you have no excuse to sit at home sulking and watching Lifetime. Get out and show the world what they are missing! 

Thank you, and College Life for the Valentine's Day ideas. 

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