Thursday, July 26, 2012

Something about the South

I have now been a New York resident for one month and 26 days. The summer is flying by and soon I will be start my first classes as a grade student. I have been loving every minute of New York City, but there are somethings I miss about the Arkansas, and the South in general. 

Of course, I expected I would miss somethings but others had never crossed my mind. So, what do i miss?? Here is my top ten list of things about miss about living south of the Mason Dixon Line. 

1. Sweet Tea. There is only one place to find sweet tea around here, and its McDonald's. Lets just say it doesn't compare to a huge, iced down glass of homemade sweet tea.

2. Personal Space. People in the city have no concept of person space. Sometimes I am scared that someone might actually sit on my lap on the train. It hasn't happened yet, thank goodness!

3. Chik-fil-a. There is ONE in NYC. I haven't visited yet, but I'm having withdrawals. 

4. Great Outdoors. More importantly, the Lake! Nothing beats a hot summer day like laying on the lake and sipping cold drinks all day. 

5. Wal-Mart. I never thought I would say that. But Wal-Mart is the most convenient store ever. You can get everything, in one trip. 

6. Drink Prices. A night out here equals three nights out in Arkansas.

7. Home-cooked meals. Living with my parents had one great advantage, the food is good, ALWAYS. I know have to cook for myself. I've perfected breakfast and fried rice. 

8. Southern Twang. I miss those sweet southern accents. I realized this while skyping friends the other night. We may talk a little slow, but you gotta' love it. 

9. Emma. Yes, I admit it, I'm crazy about my cat. But who wouldn't be??

10. Friends and Family. Of course, this is the number one thing I miss about Arkansas! 

There you have it. You never realize the small things you will miss until you are gone. I may miss these things, but I love New York. It weighs out evenly. I'll enlighten you on all the great things here in a future post. Stay tuned. 


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