Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wedding Season

I never really understood the saying "Missing in Action" but I know that is what I have been for the past couple of weeks. School is in full swing! I thought having class only on Tuesday and Thursday would give me a bit of a break, but this has been my busiest semester yet. Then adding work on top of it keeps me going around the clock. But who wants to read about that boring stuff when it is wedding season!

I am not sure if it's really wedding season but it has been for me. Not that I am getting married now {or anytime in the near future} but it seems EVERYONE I know is getting married. I had the pleasure of being in my one of my best friend's wedding this past weekend. It was beautiful, and probably had the largest wedding party ever. I had a great weekend and got to catch up with all of my closet friends from high school. After being in two weddings-I have come to these conclusions:

Weddings make everyone happy. 
They are much more tiring and stressful then you think. {And i haven't planned one yet!!}
They bring old and new friends together.
There will always be an awkward moment whether at the reception, rehearsal dinner or during the wedding.
There is always great food.
Someone always misplaces something important, like the rings.
I am going to cry at every wedding I attend. { So far I am 3 for 3.}

This coming up weekend I will be attending another wedding. I will keep you posted on how it goes! For now I am going to leave you with a few photos from the past weekend.

Ashley and I

Fixing the veil

Ash and her precious flower girl

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