Friday, October 8, 2010

Baby Kinsley

On October 1st, we found out that Ashley, my best friend, will be having a sweet baby girl. We all went into the ultrasound hoping it was a boy but we were completely wrong. Ashley is going to be a great mother and I think a little girl is just what she needs. She has decided to name her Kinsley Mae!

Going into the ultrasound, I thought we were just going to look at the heart and find out the sex of the baby. I was way wrong. We got to look at everything from the kidneys, heart, bones, face and fingers and toes. It was amazing. Baby Kinsley was just dancing around the whole time, she is already precious. Right now she is about 8 ounces which is crazy to think because you can already see everything!

Baby Kinsley is due to be here on March 5. I am so excited! I cannot wait for her to start calling me Auntie Kelsea.

the mother-to-be

we got cupcakes to celebrate for Baby Kinsley

Ashley and I

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