Monday, June 4, 2012

four days down.

{Manhattan skyline via Ikea ferry.}

I have officially lived in the city for four days now. A crazy, busy and tiring four days. But I love it. 

After two trips to Ikea, I have a bed to sleep in and furniture to unpack my boxes into. I will agree that Ikea is a very convenient place to decorate your apartment at a good price, but that place literally gives me a panic attack. It is also quite annoying when you forget to buy a crucial part of the bed, like that boards that hold up the mattress. Yes, that happened to me!

{Before project Ikea.}



Today was my first day at Bloomingdale's. That place is insane, but oh so amazing. I cannot wait to start abusing my employee discount. We went through a store tour today and it was nothing but a tease. I see my shoe and handbag collection growing significantly in the next few months. Along with my collection of black clothes. 

I am absolutely in love with the East Village. It is the perfect place to live. I have already bonding with a few neighbors over trips to Ikea. The village with people my age, great eats, and semi quiet streets (which is nice at night).

Short update on how life in the city is so far. I look forward to sharing the rest of my adventures with you.

{Night stroll in Central Park.}


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