Friday, November 8, 2013

A Different NYC.

It's amazing how a sporting event can bring people together, whether it's at a college football game or in a local sports bar. Everyone just becomes friends. Its the same way with a marathon. 

Last Sunday, we had the New York City Marathon. I had to work that day but went around the 18th mile mark to watch before I headed in. It was worth it to brace the cold and wind. 

It was so inspiring to see these runners accomplish something they had been working for for months. I wish I could do it, but if you have seen me run you understand that's a huge joke. 

But what was even more amazing was how New York City came together as a community. I know it has a lot to do with the marathon being cancelled last year and the tragedy in Boston, but it was something unfamiliar to this city but so amazing. 

Everyone on the sidelines {not sure if that's the proper marathon term} was chatting and cheering together for each others friends. They were sharing stories about their sons, daughters, dads, and moms who were running in the marathon. They were making new friends, and not over a phone or on Tinder. This isn't something you see on a normal day in NYC. Not that New Yorker's are rude, they just tend to stick with there close friends and that's that. 

My friend was on the subway when a runner got on and the whole train started cheering. Have you ever been on a NYC subway? That just doesn't happen. 

But last Sunday, you could feel it. New York was {is} a beautiful place full of happy people.

Editor's note: I also went to Central Park and took these pictures to go along with the spirit of New York City. Couldn't wait to share! 

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