Thursday, February 11, 2010


Last Friday, I spent my night sitting at the baseball fields. It was below freezing and windy, but it was still very enjoyable. Baseball season is my favorite time of year. It was a good night watching my friends play their first game. Tubbs got to pitch his first college game, so I was glad to be there for that. Although, when I left i could not feel my toes! It also took me a good hour to finally get warm, but it was worth it.

Then i got up the next day and did it all over again. I am a Diamond Doll, so we go to most games, and we were having a bake sale this weekend. I made some delicious funfetti cookies. They are the bomb. Saturdays game did have quite some excitement. Not a home run or grand slam, but a bench clearing brawl. Usually this is a bad thing, but it was just so entertaining. And our boys did not start it so there was no trouble to get in. They had a good fight, then after a few got tossed they continued the game with now problems. The guys ended the series 2-1. So it was successful.

This week we were blessed with more winter weather, which added two days to our weekend. Very nice. So like any snow day should be spent, I was as lazy as possible. I need have about a 5 minute snow ball fight and made a beautiful snow angel, but that was about all of my time spent in the snow. Then my neighbor and I decided to throw a party at my apartment. Always fun.

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